Saturday, April 29, 2017

Making of a Badass...

When did I start trying to please everyone? Was I born this way? Accumulate this weird need to make sure everyone is happy?

Sometimes I wonder if this is what held me back.

A psychic once told me when I was older I'd be famous....
WELL HELLO! How old do I have to get to find the fame? Not that I crave fame. Mostly I crave happiness. Sure money will help, but it's not that important. I grew up fairly poor and we were happy. In fact, I didn't realize how poor we were until I was much older. I looked back at the things we didn't have and realized that others had so much more. I never knew. When you're happy and surrounded by love, why would you care about other stuff? I remember looking into the refrigerator with my brother Mike. It must have been summer because it was mid day and we had just come in from playing. There was a loaf of Wonder White bread on the counter. We opened the door and all it held was a few condiments, a bottle of Kero syrup, a half a gallon of milk and not  much else. Mike grabbed the ketchup, I took the mayo. We made scant sandwiches. He had ketchup, me; mayo. We ate our condiment sandwiches and watched some TV, then headed back out to see what was going on in our neighborhood.  It was a normal day, hanging out in the neighborhood, playing handball in the street, a warm and sunny day. We had no clue we were poor. Didn't everyone eat mayo sandwiches? Cold cuts? What were they?

My kids are 1000 miles away. Living in Florida. I want to move closer to them. It kills me to be so far from them. They are bright, young adults and I am so proud so of them. And I miss them terribly.

I'm listening to  a book; You the Bad-ass. Basically its a kick in the pants telling you to make it happen. If you want it in your life, go for it. Stop being a wus and do it, take the leap. We all have a superpower. It's not that we don't have it, it's that we don't recognize it in ourselves.

We all have the ability to change our destiny. We are the bad-ass of our own life. We can create an alternate destiny and move toward our goals.

So now I'm planning...

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