Saturday, June 24, 2017


Today my new foster dog arrives. I'll leave in a few minutes to go pick her up from the transport meet-up. The rescue I work with is bringing in the 8 month old feist mix that I'll be fostering along with a few other dogs including a litter of Lab-mix puppies.

For the past week or so, the rescue has been reaching out to the group for available fosters.  However many people step up, is the number of dogs we can rescue. If we don't have the fosters, we can't take the dogs. :(

I haven't fostered in a few years because my last foster never left. She was a nervous-nellie and it took a long time to get her to relax and learn how to be a dog. (You can read that story here.)  It's time to get back into it and help rescue all those dogs who languish and die in shelters.

This new foster is 8 months old so (hopefull!) she won't have many issues. The younger dogs usually get adopted fast, too.

I'll be back with more on Lexie the Foster soon!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Making of a Badass...

When did I start trying to please everyone? Was I born this way? Accumulate this weird need to make sure everyone is happy?

Sometimes I wonder if this is what held me back.

A psychic once told me when I was older I'd be famous....
WELL HELLO! How old do I have to get to find the fame? Not that I crave fame. Mostly I crave happiness. Sure money will help, but it's not that important. I grew up fairly poor and we were happy. In fact, I didn't realize how poor we were until I was much older. I looked back at the things we didn't have and realized that others had so much more. I never knew. When you're happy and surrounded by love, why would you care about other stuff? I remember looking into the refrigerator with my brother Mike. It must have been summer because it was mid day and we had just come in from playing. There was a loaf of Wonder White bread on the counter. We opened the door and all it held was a few condiments, a bottle of Kero syrup, a half a gallon of milk and not  much else. Mike grabbed the ketchup, I took the mayo. We made scant sandwiches. He had ketchup, me; mayo. We ate our condiment sandwiches and watched some TV, then headed back out to see what was going on in our neighborhood.  It was a normal day, hanging out in the neighborhood, playing handball in the street, a warm and sunny day. We had no clue we were poor. Didn't everyone eat mayo sandwiches? Cold cuts? What were they?

My kids are 1000 miles away. Living in Florida. I want to move closer to them. It kills me to be so far from them. They are bright, young adults and I am so proud so of them. And I miss them terribly.

I'm listening to  a book; You the Bad-ass. Basically its a kick in the pants telling you to make it happen. If you want it in your life, go for it. Stop being a wus and do it, take the leap. We all have a superpower. It's not that we don't have it, it's that we don't recognize it in ourselves.

We all have the ability to change our destiny. We are the bad-ass of our own life. We can create an alternate destiny and move toward our goals.

So now I'm planning...

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Style at Sixty? Pinterest can Help!

I remember my mother at sixty. She had gained weight over the years and dressed comfortably. Stretch pants, blousey tops, comfortable shoes.  Things matched, but there wasn't a big stretch to style it up. Back then, she dressed like all the other sixty year olds.

So now as I approach 60, (5 months to go!) I've turned to Pinterest to see what's styling at sixty. What I found were a bunch of extremely stylish women rockin' the 50's and 60's. It's so inspiring and I'm getting GREAT ideas (and compliments!) on what to wear and how to wear it.

I have to admit, I'm addicted to Pinterest. In our house we always say, "You can find anything on Pinterest." We use it for recipes, home decorating ideas, and advice on almost anything. Of course, like anything else found on the internet, you have to be choosy on which advice you take, but overall, Pinterest is a fountain of information.

Things I searched on Pinterest in my quest for style?
1. Style at 60
2. How to wear scarves
3. Work outfits for women
4. Blazer ideas for work
5. Style at 50 years old
6. Pants outfits for 60 year olds
7. Accessories for work
8. Casual outfits for older women
9. Casual style for work
10. Work outfits with scarves

The list goes on... When I see an accessory like a scarf or broach or necklace, I get over to Pinterest and see what the world has come up with for style.
I think I'll head over and look for some Spring Style for Work....

See you on Pinterest!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bathroom Decor Rules?

Most traditional bathrooms are shades of pastels and white.
I love color so its time to pick something bold. :)~
We had a clogged drain. In snaking it out, the snake came up through the drain from the other side and cracked the toilet in the half bath. Darn it! Now I have to get a new toilet and while we're at it, maybe a new vanity.
So now with the new toilet and vanity, we need to paint the room.
I say purple! My hubby says, "Are you kidding?" I say step outside of the box. This ain't your mama's house. Then  he does the scrunch up his nose thing, like my idea smells bad. He thinks it will sway me, but I see a challenge...

But it could be fun, right? So it's ether this purple or maybe coral.

It's going to depend on what the vanity looks like. I've seen gray done with purple and that looks good, too. Right now the vanity is white which oges great with purple.

Will keep you updated.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Weight Loss in the 50's...Chasing 60!

Before hitting 50, losing a little weight wasn't that big a deal. Wanna fit into that dress, skip a few meals. Need to lose the muffin top? Hit the cardio.

After 50 it's like all the old tricks no longer work, so I need a new plan. Happy New Year/Happy New Body! Isn't that always our time to peel off some pounds? Now I'm thinking about the Eat Clean plan. Basically, it's eating real food and nothing processed. Always a bit of a challenge for someone who doesn't like to cook. I know some people love making food and are absolute artists in the kitchen, but I'm not one of them. I'm the person who cleans up after my husband creates great meals. Wow, can that man cook!

So, new year, new life. Oatmeal, Salads, and good, unprocessed foods, here I come! Goodbye wine and chocolate! (for now)

Then comes exercise....
The Tibetan Five seem to be great exercises but the spinning at the start makes me tooo dizzy. It takes like a half hour for my head to calm down and I still don't feel so good after. That makes me wonder if the spinning is really necessary and how the heck anyone does it 21 times.

I think I'll stick to the treadmill and then some weights.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tibetan Five - Exercise?

I first heard of the Tibetan Five when I saw it on Hugh Howey's blog.  I tried it once or twice and then forgot about it.

I came across it again and again and thought, maybe this is a sign from the universe? Maybe I'll give this a shot. Everyday for a month? Can't hurt and maybe I'll feel better. If the arthritis in my shoulder and neck calms down it would be worth it. I had a car accident a few years ago and the injuries still flare on occasion.

You're supposed to do 21 of each exercise, but I started with 10. Whew! Some were easy, some were not. The ones on Hugh Howey's blog were very instructive, but I also needed to modify some stuff so I read more sites. This one's not bad and there's always the poster---->

The table and scoop bothered my wrist a little but that cleared up as soon as I moved to the next one. You can see it done to perfection on Hugh's blog, but mine were sloppier? Shakier?

I'm working on it. One month...I can do this!

I'm on day 3 now and skipped the workout today because I had to be down in AC before breakfast and it was an exhausting day.

My resolution? do it everyday for a month and see how I feel on New Years Day?
So what's your favorite exercise? Do you do it every day? How are the results?

(Insert plug for Hugh Howey's books here.)
Thank you, Hugh, for teaching me the Tibetian Five!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Shopping from.... You Guessed it! The Couch

It's not that I don't like shopping, I just hate crowds! All that pushing, shoving, grabbing and long lines...YUK!

Now we have the wonderful world of the Internet. Where a few clicks of the keyboard can complete our shopping in one afternoon.
Our only draw back is not actually seeing the stuff so sometime's sizes can be off. For that reason, I usually only do this with local stores that would be easy to return to, or the better known places like Bass Pro Shops, Kohls, Target, etc. Best part? Most will ship direct to the recipient.

So yesterday I think I'm so slick and do an order at Kohls and forget to change the shipping address before I hit the final payment button. I immediately call Kohls to try and get them to redirect the shipment. They say they can't do it.

Hmmm, the order barely left my keyboard and there's no way to put a new shipping address on it? Don't these people have computers? I've done this on Amazon without a problem so I was kinda shocked when Kohls couldn't catch an order that was five minutes old.

Oh well, to the post office I'll have to go. Another fun-fun holiday place. Maybe I'll wear an elf costume and pass out candy canes.
Happy December!