Thursday, March 15, 2018

If I'm 60, why don't I feel old?

I remember my mom at 60. She was overweight, grey and only went out to go to senior meetings. I'm not sure what they did at these meetings but I think it was maybe card games and snacks. Now, I'm 60 and although I need to lose about 30 lbs, I'm not very grey and do more. Is 60 really the new 40? Am I really in better health than she was at this point?

Mom always had a bad hip problem, but as young as I was, I don't know exactly what caused it. When I started having hip problems I did more stretches and exercises and when it does act up, I can usually "fix" it. Sometimes I wish I could go back and help her with her health problems with the science that exists now. It would have saved her a lot of pain and maybe given her a longer life. She passed at 65 from complications of a heart attack. She had type 2 diabetes which made her recovery more difficult. I think during my mother's time it was believed you didn't move forward after a certain age. You hit your sixties and it was all down hill from there. That believe was instilled by society and opinions of others. It was just the way it was. You'll go grey, get arthritis, just sit down and wait for it.

So, I'm 60 and determined to be in better health from here on in. I've joined Weight Watchers (for the 3rd or 5th time?) and decided it's way past time I took control.
Science tells us that weight training and cardio can keep you in much better health in your sixties and even seventies. Here are a few examples;

Eighty year old body builders;
Ernestine Shepherd

Dr. Jeffrey Life

Check out this guy's website. It's informative and inspiring!

So maybe age is just a number, 60 is the new 40, and we've got more mountains to climb and there are victories to be had. Let's go get 'em!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Packing Up Memories

Boxes, Boxes, Boxes! My life is going into plastic tubs and cardboard boxes with a prayer that it all makes it to Florida without getting crushed.

We're in the countdown. Four and a half weeks to go. Today, another lovely snowy day in New Jersey, I'm tackling my office. This used to be my youngest daughter's bedroom, but after she moved out to start her own life, it became my office. Desk, printer, file cabinets, and built in cabinets. Since we started de-cluttering when we listed the house, there's not a lot here to pack. Books, a few odd manuscripts from books published on Amazon, lots of notebooks filled with scribblings from the soul and story ideas, and a couple of decorative items. I could probably get this room done by noon.

Harder still to pack is the memories. Chunks of time nestled in my heart. Waking kids up for school, picking colors for their rooms, setting the furniture just so. Memories to hold and rooms to let go of so we can build new memories with the kids in Florida.

Tomorrow or the day after it will be another room. Another four walls of memories. Years ago my oldest daughter wanted to sleep in a hammock. My husband strung the thing across the room and there she slept, nestled in a neat macrame hammock with pillows and blankets and her dog. It was quite a sight but she loved it and it made that room uniquely hers. And mine in my memories and my heart.

We one time painted my youngest daughter's room pink with a bright pink rug that she picked out. When we put it all together the room practically glowed. My husband and I exchanged glances that effectively said, "What did we do?" But my daughter loved it so we kept it. It was her room and her joy to have so it was right.

Memories. Wonderful, warm memories of hammocks and pink rooms and a happy family. Now, at 60 I look back on all the years with a contented yet wistful feeling. I miss having the kids home. I miss family dinners and running to band practice and lazy days by the pool watching the kids play.

Packing is bringing back a lot of memories.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Open House! Come on in!

An open house can be stressful, but we've done a few and the one tomorrow will be no different. We're up early straighten up the house and clear out.  Sometimes we go to Barnes & Nobel to sit in the cafe, sometimes to the movies, or see whatever else we can find to do.

I've spent the last few days saying goodbye to the house and welcoming the new family. I now refer to this as "that house" and "their future home" instead of my house. I'm ready, Universe! Let's go get a Florida house!

I used to foster dogs but since the house is selling, I'm not taking one right now.  Selling a home with dog hair on the furniture and that sometimes sweet smell of wet dog, isn't always that easy. Selling without animals, they say, is easier.

I just miss having a dog in the house soooo  much!

Today I watched a couple of Doxies for a friend and I had the best time playing and loving these two beauties. They were extremely sweet and gentle and loving. They are my friends foster pups and they are such good dogs I know they will get adopted fast. Hopefully together. 

It was just really nice to have dogs in the house, even if just for a little while.
Plan for future?
Sell house
Move to Florida
Buy house

Rescue a dog (or maybe two!)

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

To Love a Home

We'd like to move to Florida so we listed our home. It's a nice home and to open my heart to you: I'm in love with it. I raised my kids here, went through the majority of my life here, and worked on it and in it. My husband practically rebuilt most of it to our own design. It's very personally ours.  It will break my heart to leave, but both my kids moved to Florida and I know I will not be happy until I'm near them again.

I've often said I wish I could take this house with me and I wonder if that energy is preventing us from moving forward.

I need to release my house to the next family. Let it go so I can move on to the next part of my life.  It's been said you can't move forward if you're holding on to the past. The past was beautiful and has so many happy memories, but it's time to make new memories. Time to let this beautiful home find a new family to raise. It's a good home for kids, a nice neighborhood, good schools.

Dear New Family,
This is a home of love and laughter. You can grow and be happy here. It will be a beautiful life.
Welcome home,
the other family

I release this home to the universe. I release this home to the new family that will love it and take care of it.

God bless you home. I'm ready to move on to a new life and a new home. It's time.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Hello Unemployed Life

After almost 4 years with a company, I've been laid off. Not a surprise. I had watched them laying people off, firing some, and crying about money. I was the recruiter and who needs a recruiter when they're cutting staff?

So, now I'm looking at other jobs/careers and checking out the possibilities. I think of my strengths and where I want to be in five years. I want to be in  a place where I'm challenged, kept busy, and maybe discover new things. I want a job where I believed in the vision of the owners. That they were good and honest people and wanted the best for their employees.

The place I left had been failing in more ways than one. They played favorites, showed disregard for the feelings of their employees, talked a good show, but didn't follow through. There were lies. I hate lies. It made me extremely uncomfortable and went against my moral code. Management told me to lie and forget about it. Shameful. Being laid off wasn't the worst. It freed me from the crazy little liars and hopefully stopped me from being dragged down to their level. I think when your bosses ask you to lie for them, its a major warning sign.

So, now I shop for a job. Find a place where I can do good things. That's what I want. to do good things and make people happy. Is that so much to ask?

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 - Time to Set a New Goal

Resolutions be damned.  Instead of just a resolution, set a new goal. Aim high and grab that brass ring!

I'm ready to get the hell out of Dodge and start anew  (Okay, those last two sentence might be something a millennial might not understand. Who got it?)

I chose a goal, a big life changing goal that just about scares the pants off of me. I go forward with moments of absolute terror to a swan dive into bliss. Any big life change is scary, but sometimes I think we just have to take that leap and make it happen.

If you don't do anything different, nothing will change....  And I want change.

Darren Hardy says to be the exception. Don't let fear of success stop you. (He's a great inspiration- sign up for his Darren Daily emails. That's how I start my day!)

But it is scary.

So, I decided to go for it. Jump into the quagmire of that confusion path to success and make it happen.


Did Einstein know he was Einstein?  Did all those Nobel Peace prize winners think when they started they would take the prize? Or did they just...MAKE IT HAPPEN?

So to everyone... go forth and create the life you WANT as opposed to the life you're just paddling around in. Better is out there. Success is out there. The life you want, is out there.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Suddenly Sixty

Funny, I don't feel sixty.
Except at work where I'm surrounded by coworkers the same ages as my kids. Yeeek!  The weird thing is, sometimes they talk to me as a coworker, sometimes as a mom. Yes, they want their cuts looked at and advice for how to handle that snarky so called friend, then they talk business with me. It's a very strange land I live in now.
Suddenly Sixty.

My kids moved 900 miles away and it broke my heart. I'm happy that they moved to a less expensive state and are doing great in their jobs, but they're 900 miles away. :(
Last week my dog went to Heaven. Another heartbreak. I cry every day now. I look to her spot on the couch and where she naps under the table as if I expect to see her. It was sudden. Wednesday fine, Thursday sick and rushed to the dog hospital, Friday gone. I can't stop crying.
I washed her beds and blankets intending to donate them to a rescue. They're still in my car. I can't let them go yet.

On top of all this, work sucks. Changes are being made and it's not what I signed up for. I told them I didn't want to travel. I never had a job where I had to travel and I don't like driving. Done.

List the house, move to Florida. Wish me luck.
Listing a house is like an opening night 24/7. Always be ready for the house to be "on" and ready to show. Its exhausting. Couple that with the fact we had to de-personalize the house, it doesn't even feel like our home anymore. None of my art is around the house, I don't have a workshop anymore (now it's a bedroom.) Boring beige bland house.

And I'm itching to paint something. Anything. Before I used to paint all the time. Now all my stuff is put away. Hidden in a box in storage. Blah.

I can't wait to move! Get me into my own home again with an art studio and family photos on the wall.

Sell this house and bring me to my new home in Florida! I will it to happen soon!  Please send positive vibes this way! Sell the house! Sell the house! Sell the house!