Thursday, September 29, 2016

Girls Night Out Therapy

Never underestimate the power of a girls night out.

Getting a girls night out might sound to some like some frivolous night of hanging out, having some wine, and gossiping, but that isn't all of it.

Getting out and getting around other women to chat, swap stories, and support each other can go a long way in bringing a woman back to center and here's why;

  • Other women understand body issues. From periods to menopause, you have to be a woman to know about these things.
  • Facing problems. A lot of the things a woman faces at work and at home are shared by other women. 
  • They appreciate the "war stories" of work and home life because they can identify with them.
  • Women understand marriage and men better than men. (sorry guys, it's the secret knowledge shared by all women.)
  • They are ready with advice with everything from daycare to pet care to skincare. Really? Where else can you get all that in the same place?
  • They share a lot of the same dreams. The direction might be a little different but the road they need to get there is similar. 
So, call your girlfriends and set a date. A standing date to get out once a month. It just might save your soul. 

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