Friday, June 3, 2016

What Happened Here?

Sooner or later almost everyone wakes up and thinks, "What the hell happened?"
While out partying, goofing around, raising kids, having a job...Sixty is creeping up and springs upon you with the stealth of a viper searching for prey.

Hello Sixty! I see you creeping around the corner. I'm 58, soon to be 59 in August. Then Sixty will be here.

I view this as a right of passage. I've always welcomed each new decade of my life with enthusiasm. Like a new vision of hope, filled with wondrous experiences. In some ways, the changes are evident.

  • Body changes 
  • Style choices
  • The way people view you 
The changes in your body creep up slowly. Had a little trouble with your back? Had to hold onto something to stand back up? Need a hoist off he couch? 

At almost 60 I look at my high heels and think, why bother? Who the heck am I squeezing my feet into those most uncomfortable shoes for? Certainly not me! Choose the flats! 

When you work with a fairly young crowd, my immediate supervisor could be my son, you learn they can see you as a mother figure. Or someone who has no computer experience. The latter can be a problem in today's business world. 

So as i gear up for sixty I'd like to know what else is on the horizon? What do you see happening from 50 to 60 and beyond? 

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