Sunday, July 9, 2017

Young Bosses

As we move through life, sooner or later there comes a time when we out age our bosses. Mine is almost 20 years younger. Although there is a broad range of ages in my work place, half the people I work with could be my kids and sometimes its hard not to protect them as if they were my own. I see bright and energetic young women who are working hard to succeed.

Then I see some managers who treat these young women like teenagers and I want to scream. They want to mother them and, hey! Nobody wants their mommy at work. How do I say this without coming across like a mother myself?

I want to see everyone succeed. That's my curse. I believe that when people take a job, they want to do their best. They need to be given tools and encouragement. That the way you speak to someone will go a long way in helping them succeed. What you give out, you get back. This goes for every word and action from the manager.

Tell them they're appreciated and you get someone who wants to work.
Tell them they're not going to make it and you get someone who gives up and fails.

Tell them you know they can take on this project and succeed, and they'll find success.
Tell them you doubt their talent, and you'll find someone who doesn't want to try.

Problem? When you see a manager who doesn't know how to set a team up for success and you'll watch a department fall apart. What do you do then?

Sometimes I wonder if my age shapes my view on all this and think maybe I should keep my opinions to myself. What do you think? Leave it to the young? Or speak up?

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