Saturday, July 16, 2016

That Elusive Animal; Exercise

I'm going to exercise, I plan to exercise, I know how to exercise....

So why do I spend my nights on the couch?

I had a treadmill and usually used it. I sold it for unknown reasons...
Now I miss my treadmill and I'm searching for a new one, but HOLY CRAP! they are expensive.  $500 for a decent one that looks like I could, might, someday run on it? (If I ever get up to the running thing)

Sports Authority is closing so last week I toddled on over to see if I could get a deal on a decent treadmill.
Yeah- No. They were still super expensive. I'm going again today to see if the prices are any lower.
I think when stores go out of business, they mark up prices before setting the discount. The sign says 70% off! However that doesn't apply to everything in the store. That 70% might be for a single dumbbell.  Do they really think we're that dumb?
Maybe? Because I'm going back today to see if there are any real deals.

So anyone out there exercising? Any motivational tips VERY WELCOME!

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